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          • Welcome to visit zhong wei
          • Green and environmental protection
          • Products have anti-static floor
          • Aluminum ceiling, color plate, grille lamp
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          Hunan new materials Co. Ltd. is located in the beautiful star Changsha, is a new decorative material enterprise engaged in the research, production and sales as one of the 0 companies in green products, environmental protection, energy saving and purification. Decorative materials, products are mainly used in all kinds of architectural decoration engineering and cloud data center, network communication room, IDC room. Room, shielded room room construction etc。

          The company has many years of experience in Building Decoration Engineering and computer room engineeringEfforts to promote the integration of the data room decoration, decoration materials for the modernization of the overall solution, to adapt to the development of high tech project and reliability research of new high-end, green, environmental protection, purification of decorative materials, the company always adhere to the standardized and scientific management, the development of the advanced material Technology

          • Intelligent cabinet

            Intelligent cabinet

            IT infrastructure performance to a large extent rely on the collaboration between the various systems, with a smart cabinet, you have a system platform. Through...

          • Aluminum plate

            Aluminum plate

            Aluminum stencil is open and transparent vision, is a can be used for a variety of architectural design, visual effects unique building decoration materials. A ...

          • Aluminium honeycomb board

            Aluminium honeycomb board

            Aluminum honeycomb series is a honeycomb sandwich structure with the surface sprayed with weather resistance of the decorative coating of high strength aluminum...

          • Aluminium sheet

            Aluminium sheet

            Aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, is now in the aluminum building materials product - a deep processing products, it has the advantages of light weight, high rigi...

          • Color steel plate

            Color steel plate

            Zhongwei steel wallboard has the main function of shielding, dustproof, moistureproof, fire prevention, heat insulation, energy saving, environmental protection...

          • U smallpox

            U smallpox

            This is a brand new, different from the traditional new ceiling grid, selection of high quality aluminum, precision machining, and provide a wealth of color cho...

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          Hunan Zhong Xin new material Co., Ltd.
          TEL:0731-8873 1697
          ADDRESS:6th floor, building 1, xincheng science park, 588 yuelu west avenue, changsha high-tech development zone
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          address:6th floor, building 1, xincheng science park, 588 yuelu west avenue, changsha high-tech development zone

          TEL:0731-88731697 phone:186-9225-1673

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